How to make money from YouTube

Everybody can do something. Maybe singing, cooking, talking, writing, acting, baking, coding, reading, motivating, teaching, solving mathematics e.t.c

What you don’t know is that it is possible to make money from any skill you have via a very simple model.

There are several strategies to implement these model but the best and most preferred is YouTube.

YouTube allows you to upload videos for free and make money from those videos. How? [keep reading]

Tools needed:
1. Phone or camera
2. Laptop(optional)
3. Your skill or passion or that thing you just love doing

***How to combine these tools and start making money from YouTube?***

#STEP 1: identify the videos you like to shoot, e.g a video of you dancing, cooking, or acting or a video of your kids reading the Bible( I am sure you get the gist)

#STEP 2: Shoot the video using your phone of camera

#STEP 3: Edit the video on your phone or laptop

#STEP 4: Upload the video to your YouTube channel for free!

***How do you now get paid?***

You get paid $3 per thousand views.

So what is stopping you from implementing this model?

How can you overcome barriers to entry?

First, you have to identify the barriers:

First barrier:
I don’t know how to open a YouTube channel and upload my videos.

Second barrier:
I don’t know how to edit my videos and make them look professional.

Third barrier:
How will I get people to watch my videos and how can I make my videos show in YouTube search results?

I am creating a closed group where I will be teaching step by step how to break the barriers identified in the last three paragraphs.

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