Machine Learning Scholarship Opportunity

Microsoft and Udacity have forged a brand new partnership to offer professionals a unique opportunity to break into the exciting machine learning space. This partnership kicks off today with the announcement of the Machine Learning scholarship program for Microsoft Azure, a program designed to provide hands-on learning with Azure labs to help professionals develop highly competitive machine learning skills.

This is a brand new learning opportunity provided by Microsoft in partnership with Udacity, and helps the student learn the foundations of machine learning. Scholarship recipients will learn the end to end process of creating, fine-tuning, and deploying machine learning models. The course is rich with Azure labs that provide an interactive learning experience to the students.

If you are ready to hone your machine learning skills, we encourage you to apply to the Machine Learning scholarship program for Microsoft Azure today! The deadline to submit an application is 1‍1:5‍9 p‍m PD‍T Ju‍ne 3‍0, 20‍20.

Upon successful completion of the first phase of the program, up to 3‍00 students will be selected to receive a full scholarship to a new machine learning Nanodegree program with Microsoft Azure.

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