VIDEO: How to open your Upwork account and get approved instantly.

I’ve discovered that many new freelancers run into issues when creating an Upwork account and a lot of accounts don’t get approved. Freelancers are forced to pay cash to get an approved Upwork account, so I decided to film the live process on how to create an Upwork account and get instant approval.

Tips for creating an Upwork account that gets approved.

  1. Identify the skill you’re most good at and choose the appropriate category during creation.
  2. Select all skills from the provided options that better describes your core competence.
  3. Add past employment and give it a proper description related to your skill.
  4. Fill all fields and be descriptive when you have to, most people tend to leave out optional fields.
  5. Drop links to your best work during the description of your skills.
  6. Your professional overview must be descriptive.
  7. Upload a picture that clearly shows your face.
  8. Add your location.
  9. Add your phone number.

PS: is a freelance platform where freelancers provide various services, ranging from graphic to web design, video editing, e.t.c

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