Principles of graphics design

This lecture is inspired from one of my favourite books on graphic design principles titled “Non Designers Design Book” by Robin Williams

The principle of proximity

Group related items together, physical closeness implies relationship. Elements that are intellectually connected should be visually connected.

Principle of alignment

Every element should align to something on the design.

Rule: Choose one alignment per project If you must use center alignment, do it consciously. Clean alignment improves your design significantly.

Principle of repetition

Repetition of element such as colour, fonts, Shapes, e.t.c helps to clarify the information. Overlapping element is another way to implement this principle.

Remember to achieve unity with variation.

Principle of contrast

The principle of contrast can be achieved by contrast of design elements or contrast of typography. Contrast pulls the readers eye into the design and clarifies the intent of the designer.

Principle of communication

Your elements and typography must communicate the language of the reader. Everything should be structured to tell a story.


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