Social Media Management: why strategy always wins over technique.

Social media is all about networking with people or potential customers and a social media strategy for your business can increase sales and customers.

Many businesses rely on social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, youtube e.t.c for lead generation and customer acquisition, but many don’t succeed at generating leads and getting more conversions as a result of poor strategy, and I’ll explain what I mean by strategy in the next paragraph

A strategy is a plan or guide that outlines the best solutions to your customer’s pain point at different stages in the customer’s journey. every customer typically goes through four stages before deciding to purchase a product or a service.

social media strategy for business

The difference between technique and strategy is that, while techniques tell you to post for sake of likes and sales (at all times), Strategy on the other hand enables you to set goals tailored to the different stages in a customer’s journey.

In the Drillerbyte Social Media Bootcamp (DSMB), we discuss how to develop social media strategy for business, the four stages in a customer’s journey, how to identify the right social media channel for your business, social media marketing, various tools used for social media management, seven(7) essential skills for competent social media managers, e.t.c

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