How to generate leads using social media

How to generate leads for your business using social media in four steps.

You can easily generate leads and get more customers for your business using social media by following these simple steps:

Step1: Define your target audience.

Defining your target is the first and most important step in lead generation using social media, You need to know their age, location, sex, interest e.t.c
Gather as much information you can about your target audience, use google analytics,Linkedin, online and offline surveys to gather information about your target audience and their pain point.

Step2: Grab attention.

Grab the attention of your target audience by creating valuable content that keeps them glued to your page, always keep in mind that it’s never about you but about them.
Make your content information and entertaining and keep them coming back for more.

Step3: Build interest and Desire

Build the desire for your product, service, or solution by creating even more value for your audience, use stories to appeal to your target audience. People don’t buy based on logic, they buy based on emotions. Appeal to their feeling brain and create the desire for your solution.

Step4: Offer incentives.

This is the final step in the lead generation strategy, offer an irresistible incentive in exchange for their emails and mobile numbers.
This incentive may be in the form of an ebook, free webinar, giveaway, discount, e.t.c

Congratulations! You now have leads from social media.

What Next? Cultivate your leads via email and SMS marketing until they become paid customers.

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