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drillerbyte training resource

This Drillerbyte Training resource page is a compilation oof videos from some of our past training programmes

Youtube Channel Creation, Customization, and Optimization

How to create your youtube channel –

How to customize your Youtube Channel –

How to upload videos to YouTube by following these best practices –

Complete video editing from scratch

In this complete tutorial, you will learn how to edit videos professionally from scratch using Filmora video editing software.

Topic covered includes:
Filmora9 overview
importing video clips
Adding clips to timeline
Cutting and editing clips
How to crop any video
Add opening titles and text
Add graphics and logo to your videos
Add Transitions to videos
Slow motion and fast forward effect
Add effects to your videos
Adding subtitles to your video
Advance techniques
How to clean noisy background
How to add sound effects and background music to video
How to extract audio from any video
Advanced Color Grading and Color Correction In Filmora9
How to export your video

Live recording- Audio editing using audacity

Drillerbyte Social Media Bootcamp (DSMB) – LIVE VIDEO BELOW

Topics outlined:

How to identify the right social media channel for any business: Identifying the right social media channel for your audience requires you to answer some basic questions, which include; what are your goals, who is your audience? what kind of content do you have?

How to manage social media: Social Media Management consist of various activities which include planning, posting and analysis of your social media content.

Various tools used for social media management: The various tools used for social media marketing and social media management which includes; hootsuite, buffer, facebook insights, twitter insights, instagram insights, youtube analytics and lots more.

Seven essential skills for competent social media managers: The seven must-have skills for effective and competent social media managers

1. Copy Writing

2. Content Marketing

3. Graphic Design

4. Video Editing

5. Analytics

6. SEO

7. Creativity

Social Media Marketing: Practical guide on running facebook campaigns, defining your audience and selecting the right budget.

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